Listings: What You Should Know About Them?

The first step on joining the SeaClub community is done – you have made an account on website. What’s next? For business owners we suggest three main types of listings that you can choose from. Even though there are more options, let’s start with the main types:


The price for BASIC listing is 2,99€ (full price is 4,99€) and that includes two benefits: your listing will be valid for 90 days and you can insert one listing during this time period. We suggest this type of listing for those businesses that are active only during summer season or other three months during the year.


Your offer will be 4,99€ (full price – 7,99€) from which you can get even more benefits. Not only can you insert one listing that will be valid for 180 days but also your listing will be featured. Featured listing means that your listing will show as the first one (or at the top of the page if there will be more featured listings) on the website.  This type of listing will fit for those businesses that want to promote their business for a longer time period, also if your business organises different events during these 180 days.


One listing that is featured, valid for one year and you also get the verification badge? And all of that for only 12,99€? Yes, this is our Premium type of listing that we suggest for businesses who want to advertise their product all year round!



When you become a partner of SeaClub, we suggest choosing other plans that can be useful for your business.


Did you realize that you don’t have the time to do everything by yourself? Don’t worry, we can help! For only 14,99 € / month you will get one listing, your business will be featured on our social network platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and featured on our SeaClub Blog, also you will get the verification badge! How does the “do it for me” work? At the beginning of the month or during the month you will send us all of the information and updates you want us to insert on the website and we will do it for you. 


Sometimes businesses have something more to say to their customers but they don’t know how to express that. That is why we suggest “Blog articles”. For only 60€ we will write you a blog article about any kind of topic you want. How does it work? You send all of the information you want us to put in the blog and we write a blog for your business, after that we will share your blog on our social media platforms.

Last but not least, we have additional offers for SeaClub partners that we suggest for any type of business. 


For only 7,99€ you can get a verification badge for your business (that looks like a blue, small circle with a verification sign in it). Sounds great? Wait, there is more! Not only you will get the verification badge but it will be valid for one year and during that time you will also get access to all listing updates.


Pay 19,99€ once and you will get the most amazing features for your business. With “Promotion” you can promote one of your listings, your listing will show on “TOP results” on website, you will also get the verification badge and featured listing, and all of that will be valid for two weeks! 

Although we have many offers for any type of business, we are open to negotiations or suggestions. To contact us: