Ventainė is a small fishing village. Not far from the port is the lighthouse of Cape Venta, built in 1837. The lighthouse is 13 m high. The lighthouse tower is octagonal, made of red bricks. The lighthouse has a white lantern and a gallery. The lighthouse tower with a covered passage is connected to the lighthouse monitor house. The lighthouse operates when it gets dark. The port has a restaurant and hotel, as well as the windsurf rental.

Ventainė pier is suitable for long-term and short-term parking of small pleasure boats and small yachts (draft up to 1 m). The marina has the possibility to lower and raise the ship with the help of a slip or lift.

The depth of the fairway marked with buoys is 1.00 - 1.20 meters, therefore only ships with a small draft can pass safely.

The port is monitored by video cameras, equipped with a modern ship security system.

Activities nearby

Monument to those who have not returned from the lagoon, Curonian Spit against Preila, Ventė Cape Lighthouse, Bird migration exposition of Ventė Cape Ornithological Station

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55˚22.321'N 21˚12.821'E

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