The village of Uostadvaris is located 8 km from Rusnė, on the left bank of the Atmata River on Rusnė Island. The village is part of the Nemunas. It is a part of the Nemunas Regional Park. The village has a lighthouse and a museum. Uostadvaris port is very popular due to its beautiful natural landscapes and nice atmosphere - every summer it is visited by hundreds of recreational yachts and motorboats. It is quite difficult to enter Uostadvaris due to the constantly sandy mouth of the port.

There is a departmental port in Uostadvaris, its operator is the State Inland Waterways Directorate, so it is necessary to obtain a parking permit.

Activities nearby

Uostadvaris lighthouse, Uostadvaris Polder Museum

Berths and Premises

Max draft: 1.7 m

Max yacht length: 15 m

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55˚20.668'N 21˚17.529'E

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