Šilutė Marina is located on the shores of the river Šyša and 13 km from the Curonian Lagoon which later connects with a Baltic Sea.

Šilutė is a nice little cozy town surrounded by water. The whole area around Nemuno delta regional park is a great place to go fishing, relax, eat traditional Lithuanian cuisine like smoked fish and enjoy the wonderful nature.

Most of the attractions around the marina include water activities – kayaking, canoeing, kiting or surfing. Leisure fishing trips are constantly organized as well. However, if you prefer to go fishing by yourself, you need to buy a permit. If you want to take a break from the water, there is the possibility to go horseback riding and bird watching in the swamps.

The tourism center of Šilutė organises various excursions in the region: Trails around Nemunas delta Regional Park, guided excursions to Western Lithuanian sites, historical trails around Šilutė and children oriented excursion at the old candy manufacturer.

Activities nearby

Šilutė Museum (The Manor of Hugo Scheu), Šilutė Small Ship Port, Šilutės aeroclub, Šilutė Kayak Center

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