Rusnė is a border town in Šilutė district, Lithuania, located on the Rusnė Island in the Nemunas Delta, 9 km south-west from Šilutė.

Some parts of the town of Rusnė near Lake Dumblė are located below the sea level and are the lowest in Lithuania.

Rusnė is on the Russian border, which is marked by the Skirvytė river. Rusnė town and Rusnė island is very popular place for angling, as Nemunas delta is rich in various kinds of fish, and tourism infrastructure is built up in recent years. It is also a popular place for birdwatching.

Activities nearby

Nemunas Delta regional park visitor center, Rusnes observation desk, Location of Old Bridge of Rusnė

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55˚17.694'N 21˚22.789'E

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