Mingė (also Minija) is a small fisherman village. It's unique because of it's main "road" which is a river. Houses are built on both sides of the river and there is no bridge connecting the sides. Mingė is a part of the Nemana Delta Regional Park.

Village is known as the "Venice of Lithuania". This place is a far call from the Serenissima, but it shares with it the importance of water passages. In Mingė the river Minija is the "main street" faced by all the building facades. The time-battered boats of Lietuvinink fishermen have been largely displaced by modern yachts moored in its anchorage (Nemunas delta is the prime spot for boat-related tourism in Lithuania). A regular some 4x daily ship connects Mingė to Uostadvaris and Nida in summer. Up to this day, there is no bridge, so a 13 km detour is needed to go from one bank of the village to another by non-water means. The western side has more buildings, although both sides are authentic and devoid of modern buildings.

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Minge Yacht Club, Tourist attraction "Minges village"

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Max draught: 2.5 m

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55°35' N; 21°28' E

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