The Port of Kunda is an active regional commercial port in the Gulf of Finland, on the southern coast of the Bay of Kunda between Cape Toolse and Cape Ulluneem.

Consignors and shipowners appreciate the port due to its customer friendly attitude, rapid loading and good service.
The most important export products include pulpwood, woodchips, sawdust granules, peat, agricultural goods, the most important import goods include crushed stones and sawn logs. The port also handles the raw materials imported by the factories located in Kunda and around it and the export production thereof.

Kunda is a rather busy industrial port. Landing for yachts only in case of emergency.

Activities nearby

Nature reserve "Toolse LKA", Kunda Cement Museum, Lontova manor, Lontova Adventure Park

Berths and Premises

Depth: 9,3 m
Length: 150 m
Width: 30 m
Draught: 8.5 m

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  • 29/03/2023 03:02 local time


Uus-Sadama tee, 44109, Estonia


59°31,67' N; 26°32,83' E

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