The main task of the port of Kihnu Island is to provide ferry traffic. The port also accommodates yachts, cutters and small boats.

In 2014, a new port building was opened in the port, where guests have the opportunity to use showers, sauna and toilet. There is an automatic gas station in the port, which also serves yachts, as well as an information stand, where guests will find all the necessary information.

Useful information: A vessel with a maximum length of 60 m and a draft of up to 3.5 m can call at the port. There is electricity, drinking water and other necessary services.

Activities nearby

Kihnu St. Nicholas Church, Memorial stone of Kihnu Jenna, Kihnu Museum, Kihnu "Liiva-aa" stone, AS Kihnurand bicycle rental in Kihnu port

Berths and Premises

Maximum length (m): 60
Maximum draft (cm): 350
Berths: 20

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  • 29/03/2023 03:59 local time


Kihnu sadam, Lemsi, 88002 Pärnu maakond, Estonia


58°08,52' N; 24°01,36' E

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