Today, Käsmu is a popular place for events and summer relaxation. Here you can refresh your soul by walking along the coast, hiking along the hiking trail, enjoying concerts or exploring the sights. You can get a good insight into the history of the village at Käsmu Maritime Museum. Interesting to know: the safest in the summer can go hiking to the nearby island of Sārtnee, popularly known as Kuradisaare Island.

With a port, between the booms, by the quay, on the shoreline. There are also 2 floating buoys for vessels with deeper drafts, about 30 m from the entrance to the port.

Activities nearby

Käsmu Maritime Museum, Trail "Finding Käsmu Treasures", Käsmu Viking Ship "Aimar", Käsmu nature and cultural history trail, Käsmu stone fields

Berths and Premises

Max length 7 m
Max draught 1 m

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  • 29/03/2023 03:31 local time


Merekooli 6, Käsmu, 45601 Lääne-Viru maakond, Estonia


59 ° 60.46 ′ N 25 ° 92.38 ′ E

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