The port is located on the Kõpu peninsula, 50 km from Kärdla. Ristna Marina is located in the same water area.
Protection from winds and waves is poor, with strong winds from the south and west creating swell. The entrance is deep but narrow and only recommended during daytime, with good visibility, and moderate weather.
Attachment is by board.
Warning: the water at the end of the mole is shallow! There is no fairway marking, it is being designed.

Activities nearby

Ristna Maritime Department Store, Sea Garbage Museum, Ristna Lighthouse, Ristna beach, Kaleste beach, Hiiumaa Recreation Area and Ristna Visitor Centre

Berths and Premises

Maximum length (m): 20
Maximum draft (cm): 250

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  • 29/03/2023 03:00 local time


Kalana sadam, Kalana, Hiiu County, Estonia


58°55 ́10"N, 22°03 ́31"E

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