– How It All Started? - How It All Started?

SeaClub has a long history since the platform was founded in 2005. It was a time when yachting became more and more popular in Latvia. It was also possible to get the license for yachting, which was also successfully done by Matea Manri, the founder of SeaClub.

However, when starting to travel on the water, Matea had to face a number of problems, because the information about ports found on the Internet was rather limited. That is the short story of why the platform SeaClub was created.

The first platform –

The SeaClub platform was first founded in 2005. It was a time when traveling by yacht became more and more popular in Latvia. Until then, for several months, any kind of information that could be of interest to yachtsmen in the Baltic Sea region was carefully collected, then compiled and incorporated into a common database.

Initially, the page was more aimed directly at the yachting audience, because there was simply no place to see information about ports, conditions, living near the port and water service in Latvia.

First version of SeaClub contained information only about ports in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia but now the new version has expanded to include information about activities near ports and everything related to yachting.

The second platform –

This summer, in July, a renovated platform was launched – completely redesigned, adapted to the current situation, to be used not only by yachtsmen, but all those who want to relax by and on the water, for example, while riding a jet ski or fishing.

The brand identity was also slightly changed, making it more modern and compliant with design requirements nowadays. (photo: the new logo of SeaClub)

Information on ports throughout the Baltics has now been added (54 Baltic Sea ports have been inspected – LV, LT and EE). As well as recognizing the demand, the platform has expanded to the point where you can find everything related to recreation by the water. Also guest houses, entertainment facilities, restaurants, properties and everything else related to water tourism.

SeaClub for entrepreneurs

On platform every entrepreneur has the opportunity to post information about themselves, their business, vacancies. We offer not only special prices for business owners to publish their listing on SeaClub, but also we suggest it for those who do not have the resources to maintain their own websites. 

In this way, is giving an opportunity for anyone to become visible on this platform that connects all water and tourism enthusiasts. 

The aim of

There are few such comprehensive water tourism and information platforms as The goal of SeaClub – to create a comprehensive water tourism information flow in the Baltic Sea region. 

Currently, information is available about the ports of the Baltic States, but in the future we aim to expand and gather information about all the ports of the Baltic Sea region and the places nearby.

As SeaClub founder Matea points out: “I think Seaclub is a socially sustainable project because many water companies are made from scratch. Sometimes entrepreneurs have the impression that everyone knows his company, but of course most of it doesn’t. We can help by placing information on a platform where it has a great opportunity to reach its target audience.”

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