Ten Beautiful Locations With Yacht Marinas On The East Baltic Coast

Looking for yacht marinas on the East Baltic Coast? Here’s a guide to ten best places to dock your boat in the Baltic states.

Yacht sailing is probably one of the most underrated travel options in the Baltic countries. What many don’t know is that the East Baltic Coast is a very convenient yachting destination, where Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia form a network of more than 70 yacht marinas, located just around 50 nmi from each other.

Let’s take a look at some of the best marinas in the Baltic states to dock your yacht!

Klaipėda port | 55° 43′ N; 21° 06′ E

Lithuania has an about 92-kilometer long coastline of the Baltic Sea. However, Klaipėda is the only port city where it is possible to sail into. The maximum yacht length allowed is 24 m with a maximum draught of 6 m. 

The Port of Klaipėda is an ice-free port, located at the mouth of the Akmena-Danė River and making it an important Lithuanian transportation hub. The port connects all main transportation ways: sea, land, and railway routes from East to West.

It’s worth sailing into Klaipėda, as it is the third biggest city in Lithuania and with a complex history. Make sure to see the Old Town of Klaipėda, Klaipėda Castle, The Black Ghost sculpture, and the dolphinarium. 

The Curonian Spit is also worth a day trip. It is a 98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast.

Liepāja marina | 56° 31′ N; 20° 58′ E

Just 50 nmi up the East Baltic Coast, is the third-largest city in Latvia with a beautiful marina right next to a walking promenade – Liepāja. The yacht marina is located in the Trade Channel almost in the city center. 

The Liepāja marina is special with its eco-friendly policy and even has a Blue Flag status. The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education, that a beach, marina or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its standards.

The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 60 m, width 15 m, and 4.5 m draught. The docks are within walking distance from shops, restaurants, noteworthy sights, public transportation, and the tourist information center.

Liepāja charms with its special, artistic, and bohemian atmosphere. Latvians know it as the city where the wind is born, and it is also the birthplace of the Latvian pop and rock scene with many popular bars and nightclubs. 

Pāvilosta marina | 56° 53′ N; 21° 10′ E

Pāvilosta is a small fishermen village not far from Liepāja marina – just 28 nmi up the Latvian coastline. A scenic small town where historic wooden houses meet modernity – this is how Pāvilosta looks nowadays. 

Pāvilosta marina is a recreation complex that offers relaxation in holiday homes and camping rooms. Lovers of active recreation will be able to enjoy sailing on sailing catamarans. The port is mainly used for servicing fishing vessels and yachts. The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 25 m, width 7 m, and 2.7 m draught. 

People from around the world come here to find peace, catch the biggest waves, and windsurf. While this sounds like a bustle, there are plenty of remote places in Pāvilosta where you can escape the crowds and enjoy silence.

Ringsu marina (Ruhnu) | 57° 46.80′ N; 23° 16.30′ E

Located in the Gulf of Riga is a small and peaceful island called Ruhnu. It has a complex history of countries claiming the strategically important piece of land. Everything on this island is within walking distance, as the land is only 11.9 square kilometers big. People like to visit the land because of peace and isolation; there are about 60 permanent inhabitants.

Ringsu marina is a convenient place to stop on your way to Estonia or make a small detour while visiting Latvia. The island offers relaxation in camping grounds and house rentals. You can even find an airport, a doctor, a post office and two shops on the small piece of land. The marina is protected from all directions and is mainly used for servicing yachts. The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 30 m, width 15 m, and 2.7 m draught. 

Engure marina | 57° 9′ N; 23° 13′ E

Engure is just another historic fisherman village located in the Gulf of Riga. What makes it a worthwhile place to make a stop is the surroundings. The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 20 m, width 15 m, and 3.5 m draught. 

Engure is surrounded by many historic and architecturally unique places. Spend a day in the Engure lake Nature park to watch birds with almost all migrating species of Latvia converging on this locale. Summertime is the best time to visit the nearby Orchid gardens, taste smoked fish right from the fishermen, or hike in nature.

Andrejosta marina | 56° 57.6′ N; 24° 05.7′ E

Located in the heart of Riga, the capital of Latvia, the Andrejosta marina is the most convenient place to leave your yacht when visiting the city. Docking in Andrejosta is convenient because of the many international restaurants and nightclubs located right next to the marina. 

The marina is open for yacht sailing from April to October every year. The maximum allowed yacht depth is 3.5 m. 

Rīga is the largest city in the Baltic States, and also has a complex history. It begins as early as the 2nd century with a settlement, the Duna urbs, at a natural harbor not far upriver from the mouth of the Daugava River. Rīga is a former Hanseatic League member, and UNESCO has declared Riga’s historical center a World Heritage site in recognition of its scenic Art Nouveau architecture. 

Pärnu Yacht Club marina | 58° 23.16′ N; 24° 29.20′ E

Pärnu is the fourth-largest city in Estonia. Every summer it is a popular tourist destination, mainly because of the wide sandy beaches and summer events it offers. Pärnu marina is one of the biggest marinas in Estonia and is located right next to the scenic old town with many hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and museums.

The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 16 m, width 5 m, and 4 m draught. 

Visit Pärnu for nature parks and diverse culture, or enjoy the aura of a sleepy small town, or enjoy pampering yourself with spa treatments, indulge in beautiful concert music, or enjoy long walks or mesmerizing bike rides.

Kuressaare City harbor | 58° 14.70′ N; 22° 28.30′ E

Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia. The historic buildings and modern touch will make you believe you are in another country. In Kuressaare, you can enjoy spas, high-class hotels, and restaurants or visit a 14th-century castle. Kuressaare has many different all-year-round festivals, and the harbor is open all year round.

Saaremaa is actually the main island of Saare County, and it is located south of Hiiumaa island and west of Muhu island. These two islands are also worth visiting to experience the beauty and charm of the West Estonian Archipelago. 

Kuressaare City harbor is open 24/7, offering all sea travelers the necessary services. 

The maximum allowed yacht length overall is 24 m, width 4 m, and 2.3 m draught.

Haapsalu Veskiviigi | 59° 12.68′ N; 23° 30.06′ E

Haapsalu is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Estonia. It has a long history of spa resorts. Haapsalu was once a favorite holiday destination for Russian aristocrats and the famous composer Peter Tchaikovsky. Today, the city hosts various international festivals and charming restaurants.

There are actually three marinas in Haapsalu near each other. The Haapsalu Veskiviigi marina is particularly popular because of the near cafes and restaurants. You can enjoy the yacht club café or take a walk in Old Town. Nearby are many different spas which offer curative mud services.

The marina is located in Haapsalu Tagalahe Bay, which is protected from all winds and waves due to its location and breakwater. It is possible to enter the port on average 210 days a year in the period from April 15th until October 31st. Small ships can replenish their drinking water reserves, connect to the shore power grid, pump sewage, sewage, and waste, order fuel and lubricants. 

The marina has a maximum draught of 2.5 m, LOA is 24m, width 6 m.

Noblessner Yacht marina (Tallinn) | 59° 27′ 18.00″ N; 24°44′ 07.20″ E

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia with different marinas within the city premises. The capital with the charming old town is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can be reached within a few hours of sailing.

Port Noblessner is perfect for spending an evening enjoying a concert, glass of wine, or watching the sunset. The yacht port has a seasonal outdoor café next to a working shipyard. The port is a short distance away from the popular Kalamaja district, known as the historic fisherman district. There you will find the super modern Baltic Market, Telliskivi hipster district with many shops and bohemian restaurants, hipster cafés, and Estonian design shops. Not far is also the Old town and the Seaharbor museum. 

The maximum allowed yacht length overall in Noblessner Yacht marina is 40 m, width 7 m, and 4.5 m draught.

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