SeaClub Categories: What Will You Find?

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – so much to see and so  much to do! We don’t want you to feel lost in a big amount of information about any place you are visiting. That is why SeaClub has made several categories that will help you to find everything you are looking for. 

Ports, Activities, Jobs, Real Estate, Water Transport and Services – these are the categories that will help you when you are looking for things to do when staying in particular places.


SeaClub live offers information about ports in Baltic Sea region. On our website we not only inform you about the location of the port and what is available in it, but we have also described activities near by the marina and how to contact marina authorities! 

For now, on our website you can find information about 85 ports that are located in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 


You have arrived at the port, what next? If you feel lost and don’t know what to do, on our website you will find various activities that are near any port. Nature trails, sightseeing objects, concerts, festivals, nightlife, parks, museums, restaurants, outdoor activities and more!

As a business owner, it is possible to insert your ad on our website in the category “activities”! For example, if you own a business that matches the category “festivals”, you can add a listing and tell website visitors about your business.


As we mentioned before, you really can find everything on the SeaClub website. If you have always wanted to work near the sea or in Baltic Sea region, our website is the perfect place to look for a job. 

If you are looking for an employee and if you have an available vacancy, just add your listing on SeaClub website category “jobs”! Searching for a job or a new employee can be a long and challenging process. But with SeaClub you can make it faster!


Imagine… you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is the view to the Baltic Sea. Sounds like a dream? We can help to make this dream a reality! 

On our website you will find a category “Real estate” where you can search for properties to buy or rent in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. If you are a real estate agent and want to put your listing on category “Real estate”, contact us and we will help you to find the best resident for your estate!


Do you have water equipment that stands in your basement and collects dust? Don’t worry, we can help you to sell it or hire out. Just go on our website, choose the category “water transport” and add a listing with your water transport or equipment. 

The sooner you will add your listing, the faster you will find the perfect customer who might want to rent or buy your water equipment or water transport.


Last but not least – category “Services”.  In this category you will find information about SUP board rental, wakeboard equipment, cruises, water skis equipment, boat cleaning, boat repair and maintenance, winterizing and other listing services in Baltic Sea region.

If you own a business that offers, for example, a SUP board rental service, feel free to add a listing on our website and introduce more customers with your business.

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