About us

SeaClub has a long history since the platform was founded in 2005. It was a time when yachting and sailing became more and more popular in Latvia. It was also possible to get the license for yachting, which was also successfully done by Matea Manri, the founder of SeaClub.

However, when starting to travel on the water, Matea had to face a number of problems, because the information about ports found on the Internet was rather limited. That is the short story of why the platform SeaClub was created.

What is SeaClub? SeaClub is a platform where you can find everything related to sailing and water activities in the Baltic sea region – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

Areas covered: 

+ Information about ports, rental and purchase of water transport.

+ Current vacancies in relation to water transport and recreation on water.

+ Places and services related to water recreation.

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The service provider does not have to create their own website or social networks because the information on the website will reach its user in qualitative form. 

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